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Yoga Dance Craze Hits Noosa!

Yoga Dance otherwise known as Sacred Dance or Ecstatic Dance is said to encompass all movement that expresses or enhances spiritual experiences; and while these practices have long reigned supreme among religious and tribal communities it seemed as though the Western world had shied away from this form of dance, until now…

New Class Coming Soon: Ajna Light Meditation

We are excited to announce that from the start of May, we have added a new meditation class to our timetable at Aloha Active. Ajna Light Meditation is a relatively new form of meditation practice that uses, you guessed it, light to stimulate the pineal gland,...

Tropical Bali Yoga Retreat

Join us for a 7 day yoga retreat to the stunning Jeda Villa Luxury Resort. This is an amazing opportunity to experience the serene and beautiful side of Balinese culture, laughing, indulging, relaxing and exploring with fellow Aloha Active yogis.

Mindfulness – the Myths, Challenges and Benefits

The practice of mindfulness is an ancient meditation practice. It is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment or being purposely aware of the here and now. Mindfulness is readily available to us in various forms such as meditation, body...

Aloha Active welcomes Dar Vander Hoop

We give a big Aloha to the wonderful Dar Vander Hoop, guest teacher from America’s mid west who will be joining us at Aloha Active Noosa for three weeks from 19th November through to December 4th.

Bikram Yoga Noosa has moved!

After years at the Noosa Junction studio, Bikram Yoga Noosa has flash a new yoga studio in the Noosa Blue Resort, as well as being rebranded to Aloha Active Noosa!

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