Power (Vinyasa) Yoga

About Power Yoga

The Aloha Active ‘Power Yoga’ class is a Vinyasa style yoga class developed to promote vitality and energise the body and mind. A dynamic style of yoga practice, the postures in this class progress in a flowing fashion with breath and movement. Classes follow a standard pattern, but unlike the Bikram yoga class, there isnโ€™t a set sequence. Each class will vary in postures, with a focus on strengthening the core, improving flexibility and your state of mind.


Power Yoga recognises that every person is unique. You are not asked to create the perfect posture, you are asked to challenge yourself through breath and listen to the requirements of your body and mind to find your authentic self. Classes are held in a heated studio at a temperature of 30 degrees celsius and is suitable for all levels.


The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

  • Teaches you to breathe fully and correctly
  • Builds strength, flexibility, balance and endurance
  • Can prevent and cure chronic illness and injuries
  • Promotes better sleeping patterns
  • Weight management and muscle toning
  • Improves posture
  • Detoxes and encourages use of every system in the body
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Great for back and neck pain
  • Gives you a cardiovascular workout without negative and repetitive strain on the body
  • Increases focus, improving mental strength
  • Improves memory, learning, coordination and balance

Power Yoga Class Times

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