Energy Healing

With Bernie Duffy

All life forms on Earth are permeated by a Universal energy that connects and nourishes them. In yoga, we refer to this life force as ‘prana‘. This energy influences all aspects of the body; the workings of our physical self, the functions and emotions of the mind and our deeper spiritual self.

When a person has a healthy, balanced energy they will exhibit good helath; physically, emotionally and spiritually. However, more often than not, dysfunctional energy patterns manifest in the body, preventing the person achieving optimal health and harmony. 

Energy Healing is the art of correcting these energy defects. The healer seeks to restore the flow of energy to its natural, healthy state by channelling prana itself. While the ability to channel energy exists in all of us, it is a skill that must be honed through many years of practice.

Every second Friday we welcome Bernie Duffy to Aloha Active Noosa where he conducts private Energy Healing sessions. Bernie is a Channelling Energy Healer and also practices NES Health. Appointments are one hour and cost $60.


    Appointments with Bernie are available every second Friday at Aloha Active Noosa. To book, call 07 5449 2831 or see the booking sheet at reception.

    What’s Involved in an Energy Healing Session?

    • An energy field scan to show imbalances in meridians, internal organs, minerals and glands
    • Using targeted frequencies, a Mi Health device if used to clear any blockages in your meridians
    • Energy healing and balancing performed by the practitioner
    • Access to an online portal to learn more about acheiving optimal health and wellbeing through energy healing
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