New Class Coming Soon: Ajna Light Meditation

Apr 28, 2017Meditation, News

We are excited to announce that from the start of May, we have added a new meditation class to our timetable at Aloha Active. Ajna Light Meditation is a relatively new form of meditation practice that uses, you guessed it, light to stimulate the pineal gland, transporting you into an enhanced meditative state.

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What is Ajna Light Meditation?

The Ajna Light was developed as a therapeutic tool, and a way to explore consciousness. The light stimulates the neural pathways in the brain to induce altered states of consciousness quickly and effectively, making it a breakthrough tool for the practice of meditation.

What to expect in an Ajna Light Session

The Ajna Light is a completely immersive experience that invites you to journey and explore your inner consciousness.

You may experience kaleidoscopic patterns and colours and even have an out-of-body experience. Thousands of people now from all over the world have now had light sessions and have reported deep meditative and mind blowing transcendental experiences.

Benefits of the Ajna Light

Those who have experienced the Ajna light have described the following benefits:

  • Clarity of mind and emotions
  • Reduce state of anxiety and stress
  • Intuition development
  • Creativity
  • Increased sleep quality
  • Out of body & astral projection experiences

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