General Terms and Conditions

 Aloha’s General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Damaged, lost or stolen property
    1. Aloha Active is not responsible for any of your personal property that is damaged, lost or stolen while in or around the studio. You are solely responsible for any damage or loss to your personal property.
    2. You are solely responsible for any damage or loss that you may cause to Aloha Active members, property or equipment if such damage is caused by a wilful act and/or negligence.
    3. Personal items are not to be taken into the studio so please use the lockers provided.
  1. Assumption of risk of injury and waiver of claims
    1. You assume all risk of injury and waive all rights to pursue money damages or any other relief as a result of any injury occurring at or near Aloha Active.
    2. In the event that you are injured while on Aloha Active property you will not hold the studio owner and/or instructors liable. The studio owner and/instructors are free from all claims of any sort of damages.
  1. Illness and disclosure of your physical condition
    1. You assume all responsibility for your physical health.
    2. You agree to disclose to Aloha Active all relevant personal health information prior to class, including your personal concerns or advice from you medical or health practitioners.
    3. You further warrant that you will not attend Aloha Active whilst you are suffering from any infections or contagious illness, disease or other ailment that could harm or be a risk to other members and instructors.
  1. Minimum age
    1. Generally, all members must be a minimum of 10 years of age to practice in the studio. All minors under the age of 14 must have a parent or guardian practice and be personally responsible while in class.
  1. Privacy statement
    1. Aloha Active will protect all personal and private information.
    2. All personal information will only be used to manage or communicate with members.
    3. Please keep contact details up to date, including name, email and phone number.
  1. Studio filming and photography
    1. Occasionally we will film videos or photos in class for internal and external marketing purposes.
    2. Unless you otherwise inform the cameraman/videographer or Aloha team member on the day of shooting that you do not want to be filmed, you consent to the use of your images being used for marketing purposes.
  1. Studio closures
    1. Aloha Active reserves the right to shut on public holidays. The studio is always closed on Christmas Day and may at other times of the year close during public holidays.
    2. Aloha Active reserves the right to take up to 5 maintenance/studio upgrade days a year.
  1. Price changes
    1. We reserve the right to increase membership prices.
    2. We will give you a minimum of 7-days notice for any increase in membership prices, including Ezidebit payments and class passes.
  1. Coronavirus
    1. The studio must at all times adhere to directives from the QLD Government. This can include mandated temporary studio closures, checking-in on the Qld Government contact tracing app and wearing masks.
    2. There are no membership/pass refunds or extensions if you (or a close contact) are sick, awaiting test results, required to isolate or restricted to re-enter QLD due to border restrictions.
    3. Only if the studio closes for more than 7 consecutive days then Ezidebit membership payments will be put on hold until the studio reopens.
    4. Regarding class sizes we are strictly following the QLD government social distancing directives (person per m2 rule). If the studio is required to further reduce class numbers due to social distancing regulations, then the last members to book into class will be removed, and notified accordingly.
    5. For correspondence regarding notification of COVID outbreaks we will follow the QLD Government health guidelines in what is deemed a ‘close contact’ which at present  is defined as sharing close space with an infected person for over 4 hours in a household-like environment.
    6. Government mandates can come on very short notice so we will communicate with members via electronic newsletter and social media.
    7. We have put in place enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures to ensure the studio is a safe place to practice.
    8. At times we may put a temporary hold on use of certain studio equipment such as bolsters, blocks, weights, bands or mat hire – you are welcome to bring your own equipment from home.
    9. On-site hand sanitisers are available at reception.
    10. If you are feeling unwell then please stay home and get tested before you return to the studio. 
    11. We respectfully ask for you to refrain from engaging in covid discussions around the studio as we want Aloha to be a covid conversation free zone, our intent with this is to provide a space where students can escape from the outside world and enjoy their practice.
    12. As the covid situation progresses we may at times be required to update our covid terms and conditions.
  2. Terms & conditions
    1. We reserve the right to update the general, class pass and Ezidebit terms and conditions at any time.
  3. Administration
    1. Account administration will be processed during business hours Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
    2. There is no account administration for 14-days over the Christmas/New Year and 7-days over Easter holidays

Aloha Unlimited Membership

Our direct debit payment is designed to make paying for your practice, easy and affordable.

Direct debit process, terms and conditions:

  1. You will give us your bank or credit card details and we will deduct a regular membership fee.
  2. This membership will automatically continue unless you request otherwise.
  3. Once membership fee is paid it is non-refundable
  4. All new contracts from 5 December 2023 require a commitment of 12 weeks. You cannot terminate or suspend during this time.
  5. If your regular payment is not honoured/paid when it is due, that costs Aloha transaction fees. If you are a serial non paying offender, we can charge a fee of $10 for each failed payment – please ensure the correct card / bank account details are provided and there is always sufficient funds in your account.
  6. We reserve the right to increase the Direct debit price at any time which will apply to new and existing direct debit members.
  7. We will give a minimum of 14-days notice for any price change.

If you would like to suspend we require a minimum of 2 weeks notice via email to [email protected]
The minimum suspension period is for 14 days with a maximum of 3 months.
Any payment that is scheduled between the date you request the suspension and the 2 week minimum notification period will be processed with no credit or refund.
If you do not provide a fixed date of 14 days to 90 days for suspensions, we will suspend your account in 2 weeks time for 14 days.
You will have 1 free suspension on your account per year.
After that there is a nominal administration fee of $15+gst for extra account suspensions, $15+gst for an additional extension on an existing extra suspension.

If you would like to terminate your membership, we require a minimum of 4 weeks notice via email to [email protected]
If you became a member of Aloha Active from 5 December 2023, you must finish your committment period of 12-weeks before terminating.

Class Pass Terms and Conditions

  1. Each class pass has a limited expiry date. The timeframe for the expiry date depends on the type of pass you purchase (please refer to the price list)
  2. Pausing or extending the expiry date on class passes are not permitted
  3. There are no refunds on class passes
  4. A class will be deducted from your pass purchase for a no show or late cancellation
  5. Local passes are for Sunshine Coast residents only (proof of local residency is required)
  6. Under 18’s pass is for people under 18 years only
  7. There are no refunds given for anyone purchasing the wrong pass – either a local pass or under 18’s pass. You will be given the option to change your pass to the correct pass and pay the difference

Pay Upfront Options Terms and Conditions

  1. There are no refunds
  2. You can not share this pass type with friends and family
  3. You cannot “pause” or “suspend”
  4. Expiry date extensions are not permitted.

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