Every few years my friend and I find a special place for a holiday, to break free from the stresses and constraints of a busy life and work. Having now entered our 50’s we were looking for a healthier retreat for mind body and soul, as well as very good healthy clean food and a beautiful environment.

We were interested in having a few activities on offer, but were NOT interested in a bossy boot-camp style ‘retreat’ with rules. We also prefer some privacy with our accommodation, including having our own bedrooms. WOW WOW WOW – did we find everything plus MORE! The location was sublime!

I happened upon the gorgeous Manyia’s Aloha Active Retreat site and made contact. To be honest, it was the lack of too many details that appealed to me. Manyia’s approach was so obviously sincere, authentic and her passion contagious!

I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined how perfect this retreat was for us both. It ticked so many boxes and continues to tick them on our return.

These retreats are an opportunity for YOU! An opportunity to rest and revive, engage in friendship if desired, challenge your inner yogi within a safe and supportive environment of love and encouragement, take dawn guided mediation walks through primitive villages and swim in the most beautiful clean clear ocean waters!

But most of all the pace is YOURS! There is no judgement, no right no wrong – just pure joy and restoration.. oh and so many funny laughs!

Our amazing chef prepared beautiful meals which we shared at our long table each day.

I found strength in my body that I had long given up on; I connected with peace in my soul; and abundant wellness flowed gently through me.

I have never returned from a holiday feeling such a combination of joy, fun, relaxation, challenge, enlightenment, peace, friendship, inspiration, gratitude and self-love…often the hardest one of all.

How can I thank Manyia for her wisdom, laughter, adventure, support, encouragement, belief and pure joy for life and what it offers us?

I’ll see you at the next one ☺


AnnaBali Retreat 2017

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