Yin Yoga Massage
Yin yoga massage is a method that combines elements of yin yoga, thai massage and other techniques. The goal, apart from relaxing the body, is to find deep (but comfortable) stretches and hold them for several minutes. A meridian massage and other techniques are also used, apart from the stretches.
Benefits of Yin Yoga Massage
It can be beneficial for anyone, but especially for athletes after an intense performance, people who want to increase their flexibility and of course for tired bodies that need some attention.
How Does It Work
It differs from other types of massages in that there is some degree of communication between the masseur and the client, in order to find the most appropriate and comfortable stretch. When receiving a massage I recommend that you wear comfortable clothes that you can stretch in and that you will be warm in.
Yin yoga massage is based on one-on-one sessions and includes a short interview about yourself in the beginning.
The massage can take place at the yoga studios or I can come to your home if you wish so, but it might cost extra, depending on how long I have to travel to get there. There is no need for more than some blankets and floor space.

Benefits of Yin Yoga Massage

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