What is Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system working on the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

An ancient proverb states “A happy mind is a medicine. No better prescription exists.” Indian head massage is non-intrusive and can be administered anywhere. Working firstly on back, shoulders, neck and arms, a place that stress manifests itself, the scalp and face are treated next.
Indian head massage balances the body’s energy. When energy is rebalanced, one invariably feels more alive, energised, relaxed and better able to cope with life pressures. The upper Chakras are also balanced.

Physical Benefits
Significant improvement is noticed in the following conditions;
1 Migraine
2 Insomnia and disturbed sleep
3 Sinusitis
4 Lymphatic drainage
5 Dispersal of toxins from tense knotted muscles
6 Relief from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness
7 Relief from eyestrain
8 Improved concentration

Mental Benefits
1 Sense of calmness and tranquility
2 Release of anxiety
3 Relief of depression
4 Clearer thinking
5 Release of stagnant energy
6 Chakra balancing and energetic healing

More people giving and receiving therapy would mean dramatic improvement in relationships. People would become calmer, happier and more loving. Make Indian head massage part of your routine and you will find an exciting transformation in the quality of your life.

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