Yoga Etiquette

A few simple guidelines to help enjoy your Bikram Yoga class:

  • Arrive early to class to be sure you have enough time to set up your spot before the teacher starts class.
  • Classes are 90 minutes – they start and end on time – plan on staying until the end of class.
  • Please try and practice complete stillness and quiet in between the postures.
  • Try your best in each posture of the Bikram series to follow along with the teacher. Please reserve any other postures until after final savasana.
  • New students please always position your mat on the third row.
  • Regular students please be mindful of the third row, new students have priority over the back line in the studio.
  • We learn from each others words and actions. Please be a good role model for new students as they begin their yoga practice.
  • No pagers, mobile phones, gum, candy, food or glass containers in the yoga room – all you need is your beautiful self, mat & towel and a smile.
  • Please switch off your mobile phone when you come to the studio.
  • Honour the silence of the room.
  • Please no conversations or loud noises during class.

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